Respiratory Part 1 (General) – 2015


We found an enormous amount of posts on respiratory topics and thus have divided the content into two modules. This first module will focus on general respiratory issues with airway and pulmonary embolism covered in the second module. Below we have listed our selection of the 15 highest quality blog posts within the past 12 months (current as of April 2015) related to respiratory, curated and approved for residency training by the AIR Series Board. In this module we have 4 AIRs and 11 Honorable Mentions.

Article Title Author Date Link Title
Dexamethasone for Asthma Sean Fox, MD December 26, 2014 PedsEMMorsels: Dex for Asthma Approved Instructional Resource
Episode 59: Bronchiolitis Sanjay Mehta,MD, Med, Dennis Scolnik, MB, ChB, Amy Plint,MD, MSc 2014 EMCases: Bronchiolitis Approved Instructional Resource
ALiEM-Annals of EM Journal Club: Spontaneous pneumothorax, pigtail catheters, and outpatient management Michelle Lin, MD November 10, 2014 ALiEM: Pigtails for PTx Approved Instructional Resource
Why we do what we do: Systemic corticosteroids in acute asthma exacerbations Brad Sobolewski, MD, MEd 2014 PEM Cases: Steroids for Asthma Approved Instructional Resource
SGEM#96: Machine Head – NIPPV for Out of Hospital Respiratory Distress Amy Panzenbeck, MD and Kara Otterness, MD, NYU-Bellevue EM Residents November 19, 2014 SGEM: NIPPV Honorable Mention
SGEM#103: Just Breathe – Inhaled Corticosteroids for Asthma Exacerbations Ken Milne, MD, MSc January 17, 2015 SGEM: Inhaled Steroids for Asthma Honorable Mention
Are you giving asthmatics prednisone when you could be prescribing dexamethasone instead? Brad Sobolewski, MD, MEd 2014 PEM Blog: Prednisone Vs Dexamethasone Honorable Mention
Hemoptysis Mike Steuerwald, MD, Tyler Winders, MD February 26, 2015 Taming the SRU: Hemoptysis Honorable Mention
Azithromycin for COPD exacerbations: 2014 Update Abhishek Biswas, MD June 27, 2014 PulmCC: Azithromycin for COPD Honorable Mention
The Effect of Oximetry on Hospital Admission for Bronchiolitis Tessa Davis, MD September 8, 2014 DFTB: Pulse Ox and Bronchiolitis Honorable Mention
How Long Does a Cough From Respiratory Illness Last? Salim Rezaie, MD May 2, 2014 Rebel: Cough Honorable Mention
MRSA in Community Acquired Pneumonia Joe Lex, MD, Dave Talan, MD October 6, 2014 Free EM Talks: MRSA in CAP Honorable Mention
Asthma Control Sean Fox, MD January 30, 2015 Peds EM Morsels: Asthma Honorable Mention
Meconium Aspiration Syndrome Jasmine Antoine, BSC, MBBS, MPH February 19, 2015 DFTB: Meconium Honorable Mention
Adenosine in reactive airway disease Marian Gaviola, PharmD March 30, 2015 ALiEM: Adenosine Bronchospasm Honorable Mention

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