Respiratory – 2017


Below we have listed our selection of the 12 highest quality blog posts within the past 12 months (as assessed in December 2016) related to Respiratory pathology in the Emergency Department, curated and approved for residency training by the AIR Series Board. More specifically in this Block, we identified 4 AIR and 8 Honorable Mentions. After reading, please take the quizzes. We recommend programs give 4 hours (20 minutes per article) of III credit for this module.

Article Title Author Date Label
CoreEM: Hemodynamically Unstable Pulmonary Embolism Anand Swaminathan 7/20/16 AIR
CoreEM: Life-Threatening Asthma Anand Swaminathan 9/30/15 AIR
EM Lyceum: Status Asthmaticus, “Answers” Woods Curry 8/26/15 AIR
EM Cases: Episode 79 – Management of Acute Pediatric Asthma Exacerbations Anton Helman 4/12/16 AIR
EM Docs: Bi-Level Ventilation: Who Needs It and Who Doesn’t? Pearls and Pitfalls Robert Goodnough 8/19/16 Honorable Mention
Ultrasound Podcast: Lung Ultrasound Basics part 1: Pneumothorax and Pulmonary Edema Mike Mallin and Matt Dawson 2016 Honorable Mention
REBEL-EM: Is Apneic Oxygenation Over-Hyped Salim Rezaie 4/4/16 Honorable Mention
TREKK Series | Bronchiolitis Guidelines Ashley Lubberdink 7/19/16 Honorable Mention
REBEL-EM: Is Too Much Supplemental O2 Harmful in COPD Exacerbations? Allan Guiney 12/3/2015 Honorable Mention
Pediatric EM Morsels: Down Syndrome Airway Sean Fox 2/26/16 Honorable Mention
REBEL-EM: Single Dose Dexamethasone or 5 Days of Prednisone in Adult Asthmatics? Kurt MacDonald 8/11/16 Honorable Mention
CoreEM: Basic Asthma Management Anand Swaminathan 8/12/2015 Honorable Mention

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