Respiratory Part 2 (PE) – 2015


Below we have listed our selection of the 15 highest quality blog posts within the past 12 months (as assessed March 2015) related to respiratory pathology, curated and approved for residency training by the AIR Series Board. More specifically in this module, we identified 4 AIRs and 11 Honorable Mentions. We recommend programs give 5 hours (20 minutes per article) of III credit for this module.

Article Title Author Date Link Title
Apneic Oxygenation & Pre-Oxygenation Salim Rezaie, MD March 24, 2014 RebelEM: Apneic Oxygenation Approved Instructional Resource
ADJUST-PE: Should we adjust the D-Dimer cut-off for age? Brent Thoma, MD July 28, 2014 BoringEM: Adjust PE Approved Instructional Resource
PEITHO Trial: Fibrinolysis for Intermediate-Risk Pulmonary Embolism Salim Rezaie, MD April 11, 2014 ALiEM: PEITHO Approved Instructional Resource
EMCrit Podcast 137 – Delayed Sequence Intubation (DSI) Update Scott Weingart, MD November 17, 2014 EMCrit: Delayed Sequence Intubation Approved Instructional Resource
Podcast 143 – Hemodynamic Management of Massive Pulmonary Embolism (PE) Scott Weingart, MD February 15, 2015 EMCrit: Massive PE Honorable Mention
Podcast 128 – Pulmonary Embolism Treatment Options Scott Weingart, MD July 14, 2014 EMCrit: PE Treatment Team Honorable Mention
Mechanical Ventilation for Severe Asthma Sean Fox, MD November 7, 2014 PedEMMorsel: Asthma Ventilation Honorable Mention
Rivaroxaban for Treatment of Symptomatic Pulmonary Embolism Salim Rezaie, MD May 26, 2014 RebelEM: Rivaroxaban for PE Honorable Mention
Atropine Not Needed for RSI Sean Fox, MD May 16, 2014 PedEMMorsel: Atropine and RSI Honorable Mention
Podcast 145 – Awake Intubation Lecture from SMACC Scott Weingart, MD March 16, 2015 EMCrit: Awake Intubation Honorable Mention
Airway Update Screencast Steve Carroll, DO July 27, 2014 EMBasic: Airway Update Honorable Mention
Airway and Sedation, “Answers” Anand Swaminathan, MD and Bellevue EM Residents January 23, 2015 EMLyceum: Airway and Sedation Honorable Mention
EMCrit Wee – Preoxygenation Update 2015 Scott Weingart, MD January 22, 2015 EMCrit: Pre-Ox update Honorable Mention
Podcast 141 – A Janu-Airway Case Presented Live Scott Weingart, MD January 10, 2015 EMCrit: Airway Case Honorable Mention
ADJUST-PE Study: ALiEM-Annals of EM Journal Club Salim Rezaie, MD August 25, 2014 ALiEM: ADJUST PE JC Honorable Mention

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