Infectious Disease – 2016


Below we have listed our selection of the 18 highest quality blog posts within the past 12 months (as assessed in November 2016) related to Infectious Disease pathology in the Emergency Department, curated and approved for residency training by the AIR Series Board. More specifically in this Block, we identified 2 AIR and 16 Honorable Mentions. After reading, please take the quizzes. We recommend programs give 6 hours (20 minutes per article) of III credit for this module.

Article Title Author Date Label
EMLyceum: Diarrhea, “Answers” Salil Bhadari, MD November 2, 2015 AIR
EMCrit: PulmCrit- Neurocritical care of the comatose meningitis patient Josh Farkas, MD December 21, 2015 AIR
EMCrit: Evidence-based treatment for severe community-acquired pneumonia Josh Farkas, MD August 16, 2016 Honorable Mention
EMCrit: PulmCrit: Which patients admitted for pneumonia need MRSA coverage? Josh Farkas, MD July 18, 2016 Honorable Mention
First10EM: Articles of the month Special Edition: Pediatric UTI Justin Morgenstern, MD February 2, 2016 Honorable Mention
EMCases: Emergency Management of Sickle Cell Disease Anton Helman, MD and Keerat Grewal, MD August 2015 Honorable Mention
PedsEMMorsels: UTI Empiric Antibiotics Sean Fox, MD April 15, 2016 Honorable Mention
PedsEMMorsels: Sickle Cell Disease and Fever Sean Fox, MD March 18, 2016 Honorable Mention
ALiEM: Zika Virus: What emergency department providers need to know Lauren Pike, MD and Julian Villar, MD February 15, 2016 Honorable Mention
PEMBlog: The Febrile Infant – University of Cincinnati Emergency Medicine Collaboration Brad Sobolewski, MD March 1, 2016 Honorable Mention
EMDocs: Blood Cultures: When Do They Make a Meaningful Impact on Clinical Care Desiree Brooks, MD April 23, 2016 Honorable Mention
CoreEM: Spinal Epidural Abscess Latrice Triplett, MD December 30, 2015 Honorable Mention
EMDocs: Fever in the Returning Traveler Nazanin Meshkat, MD, Matthew Muller, Keerat Grewal, MD, Anton Helman MD April 2015 Honorable Mention
EMDocs: Lactate in Sepsis: Pearls & Pitfalls Erik Hofmann, MD March 6, 2016 Honorable Mention
REBEL EM: Trimethoprim-Sulfamethoxazole for Uncomplicated Skin Abscesses? Salim Rezaie, MD March 10, 2016 Honorable Mention
EMDocs: Updates on Recommendations For STI Treatments & Empiric Therapy: When to Treat and What to Treat Depending on your Patient Adrianna Levesque, MD March 3, 2016 Honorable Mention
EMCrit: Steroids in septic shock: Four misconceptions and one truth Josh Farkas, MD July 12, 2015 Honorable Mention
PedsEMMorsels: Bulging Fontanelle Sean Fox, MD March 4, 2016 Honorable Mention

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