Gastrointestinal – 2017


Below we have listed our selection of the 8 highest quality blog posts within the past 12 months, as assessed in September 2017 related to gastrointestinal emergencies  in the Emergency Department, curated and approved for residency training by the AIR Series Board. More specifically in this Block, we identified 1 AIR and 7 Honorable Mentions blog posts. After reading the posts, please take the quizzes. We recommend programs give 3 hours (22.5 minutes per article) of III credit for this module.


Article Author Date Label
RebelEM: Albumin in SBP Rick Pescatore, DO 6/5/2017 AIR
RebelEM: PPI in UGIB Salim Rezaie, MD 2/23/17 HM
SGEM: N.O.T. for Paediatric Appendicitis Ross Fisher, MD and Ken Milne, MD 5/24/17 HM
Taming the SRU: Abdominal Compartment Syndrome Shaun Harty, MD 6/22/17 HM
St. Emlyn’s: UGIB Chris Gray, MD 9/17/16 HM
EMCrit: Vomit SALAD Scott Weingart, MD and Jim DuCanto, MD 4/3/17 HM
FOAMCast: Gastroparesis Jeremy Faust, MD and Lauren Westafer, DO, MPH 9/1/17 HM
RebelEM: Glucagon for Food Boluses Salim Rezaie, MD 1/2/17 HM


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