Gastroenterology – 2017


Welcome to the Gastroenterology AIR-Pro Module. Below we have listed our selection of the 10 highest quality blog posts related to 4 advanced level questions on toxicology topics posed, curated, and approved for residency training by the AIR-Pro Series Board. The blogs relate to the following questions:

  1. Cirrhosis and variceal bleeding
  2. Food impaction
  3. Management of diverticulitis
  4. Airway management in the gastrointestinal bleed

In this module, we have 8 AIR-Pro’s and 2 Honorable Mentions. To strive for comprehensiveness, we selected from a broad spectrum of blogs identified through and FOAMSearcher.

Article Author Date Label
ALiEM: Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding: Evidence-Based Treatment Salim Rezaie March 12, 2014 AIR-Pro
emDocs: Approach to the Sick Cirrhotic Patient Brit Long Oct 21, 2015 AIR-Pro
PulmCrit: Coagulopathy management in the bleeding cirrhotic Josh Farkas Dec 7, 2015 AIR-Pro
SGEM: Glucagon for Esophageal Foreign Body Impaction Ken Milne Feb 2, 2017 AIR-Pro
emDocs: Intubating the Gastrointestinal Bleeder Angela Hua Jan 14, 2016 AIR-Pro
BestBets: Use of Glucagon for Esophageal Food Bolus Obstruction Jo Lorains & Shweta Gidwani March 11, 2015 AIR-Pro
CORE EM: Antibiotics vs Observation in Uncomplicated Diverticulitis Christian Koziatek Dec 29, 2016 AIR-Pro
emDocs: Diverticulitis: Questioning Current Practice Charley Randazzo April 15, 2015 AIR-Pro
EMCrit: Intubating the Critical GI Bleeder Scott Weingart June 21, 2009 Honorable Mention
REBEL EM: Glucagon for Food Boluses Salim Rezaie Jan 2, 2017 Honorable Mention


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