Pediatrics (2016)


Below we have listed our selection of the 14 highest quality blog posts related to 5 advanced level questions on critical care topics posed, curated, and approved for senior residents by the AIR-Pro Series Board. The blogs relate to the following questions:

  1. Pediatric arrhythmias
  2. Procedural sedation in pediatrics
  3. The neonate in distress
  4. Toddlers with a limp
  5. Pediatric syncope

We present 10 AIR-Pro’s and 4 Honorable Mentions. We recommend programs give 3.5 hours (20 minutes per article, 30 minutes per podcast) of III credit for the 10 AIR-Pro’s in this block. This module also included two editorial experts, trained in Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Dr. Robert Cloutier and Dr. Jason Woods.

Article Title Author Date Link Type
ECGs: Long QT and Brugada Shilpa Patel & Anne Green Sept 18, 2014 PEM Academy: ECGs – Long QT and Brugada AIR-Pro
ECGs: Heart block and Sick Sinus Sonny Tat July 7, 2014 PEM Academy: ECGs – Heart block and Sick Sinus AIR-Pro
Ketamine for Analgesia Sean Fox April 11, 2014 Pediatric EM Morsels: Ketamine AIR-Pro
Ketamine Brad Sobolewski July 24, 2013 PEM Currents: Ketamine AIR-Pro
The Sick Neonate Zach Radwine Aug 12, 2014 EMDocs: The Sick Neonate AIR-Pro
A Knackered Neonate Christopher Partyka July 19, 2013 Blunt Dissection: A Knackered Neonate AIR-Pro
Pediatric Limp Rob Orman Feb 2, 2010 ER Cast: Pediatric Limp AIR-Pro
Toddler’s Fracture Sean Fox Feb 1, 2013 Pediatric EM Morsels: Toddler’s Fracture AIR-Pro
Brugada in Children Sean Fox Sept 11, 2015 Pediatric EM Morsels: Brugada AIR-Pro
Syncope Sunday 4: Syncope ECGs Elayne Forbes March 15, 2015 Dont forget the bubbles: Syncope ECGs AIR-Pro
The Toxic Neonate Rob Orman May 26, 2010 ER Cast: The Toxic Neonate Honorable Mention
Episode 35: Pediatric Orthopedics Pearls and Pitfalls Sanjay Mehta & Jonathen Pirie Oct, 2014 Emergency Medicine Cases: Pediatric Orthopedics Honorable Mention
Pediatric Syncope Zach Radwine July 7, 2014 EM Docs: Pediatric Syncope Honorable Mention
Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) Ed Burns, Chris Nickson & Amal Mattu July 30, 2012 Life in the Fast Lane: Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Honorable Mention

Optional Background Reading

The following table contains links to basic/background knowledge that may be helpful to review prior to reading these more advanced-level blog posts. These are not part of the III quiz.

Article Title Author Date Link
ECG Basics Sonny Tat Aug 13, 2014 PEM Academy: ECG Basics
ECG Central May 2, 2014 Don’t forget the bubbles: ECG Central
Patwari Academy videos: The Crashing Neonate Michelle Lin July 7, 2013 Patwari Academy videos: The Crashing Neonate

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