Critical Care, Part 1 (2016)


Below we have listed our selection of the 12highest quality blog posts related to 5 advanced level questions on critical care topics posed, curated, and approved for senior residents by the AIR-Pro Series Board. The blogs relate to the following questions:

  1. Ultrasound fluid assessment
  2. Ultrasound in critical care
  3. Vasopressors for critical care patients
  4. Peripheral intravenous vasopressor administration
  5. Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation basics

We present 8 AIR-Pro’s and 4 Honorable Mentions. We recommend programs give 2.5 hours (20 minutes per article, 30 minutes per podcast) of III credit for the 8 AIR-Pro’s in this block.

Article Title Author Date Link Title
Ultrasound Guided Fluid Assessment Protocol Tim Gallagher Nov 26, 2015 Core EM: Fluid Assessment AIR-PRO
Ultrasound Guided CPR Part 1 Matt Dawson, Mike Mallin, & Mike Stone Dec 2014 Ultrasound Podcast: CPR AIR-PRO
State of the Evidence Cardiac Arrest Echo Matt Dawson, Mike Mallin, & Mike Stone Jan 2016 Ultrasound Podcast: REASON Trial AIR-PRO
Vasopressor Basics Scott Weingart Dec 1, 2014 EM Crit: Vasopressor Basics AIR-PRO
Accelerated Goal Directed Therapy for Septic Shock Josh Farkas July 19, 2015 EMCrit: Accelerated Goal Directed Therapy AIR-PRO
Peripheral Vasopressor Infusions and Extravasation Scott Weingart Sept 16, 2013 EMCrit: Peripheral Vasopressor Infusions AIR-PRO
Mythbuster: Administration of Vasopressors Through Peripheral Intravenous Access Salim Rezaie May 28, 2015 REBEL EM: Administration of Vasopressors AIR-PRO
Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) in the Emergency Department Brett Sweeney Jan 21, 2015 emDocs: ECMO in the ED AIR-PRO
IVC Ultrasound for Fluid Tolerance in Spontaneously Breathing Patients Scott Weingart Nov 11, 2012 EM Crit: IV Ultrasound Honorable Mention
Vasopressors & Inotropes in the ED Simon Laing April 14, 2015 HEFT EM Cast: Vasopressors Honorable Mention
ECPR is a Step too Far Chris Ho & Joe Bellezzo Feb 12, 2016  ECPR Honorable Mention
Cutting Edge Resuscitation in the Community ED Joe Bellezzo April 12, 2015 Cutting Edge Resuscitation Honorable Mention

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